Mike Smyth is at it again!

Before the last election, I had rather naïvely hoped that Mike Smyth, Postmedia’s King of Snide, might become that rarest of commodities in BC politics: a balanced pundit. He criticism of Christy Clark’s BC Liberals were strong, focused and on-point, if not a little obsessed with personality and salacious scandal. Alas, with the ascension to power by the BC NDP, Smyth’s structural beliefs and fealty to Paul Godfrey’s politics have risen to the surface once again. Smyth’s hysterical anger over electoral reform, and to the possibility of some form of proportional voting, have once again opened a gaping hole that has revealed Smyth’s dark, corporate soul.

Here’s a letter I wrote in response to Smyth’s latest tirade against electoral reform.


If anything is a “cringeworthy” “phoney” “joke”, it’s this article. Really Mike, how low can you go as a Liberal poodle?

You’re actually angry because a (potentially) low turnout might render this vote less than credible. Really? What about the dozens of other votes, especially elections, with low voter turnout? Where was your carefully modulated rage then? And why are the NDP and Greens to blame if individual British Columbians refuse to vote? Isn’t that on individual British Columbians?

Let’s face it, Mike. 50+1 is an accepted democratic norm, and, alternatively, high voter thresholds are always suspect when the sitting government benefits from the status quo. What’s really bothering you is that the local corporate allies of Postmedia and friends of Paul Godfrey are terrified they may permanently lose their customary seats at the head of the table.

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