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Pollution, Productivity and Pundits: Giving Up On Competitiveness?

After years of decrying the productivity gap, Canada’s corporate elite and their media partners are starting to show cracks in their united front. In a remarkable guest editorial by Eric Lascelles, a senior economist from RBC Global Asset Management, we see a sharp reversal of a narrative that’s been spun for well over a decade. […]


Is online education cheaper?

One of the major debates in modern education is whether or not online/distance/distributed learning (DL) is cheaper and more efficient than traditional “brick and mortar” education. If it is cheaper, then obviously it becomes a useful option in a neo-liberal world where public education expenditures are shrinking. [In BC, for example, “the proportion of the […]


Wooing Business Leaders Is Futile for New Dems: A Response

With a few corrections, the following is my contribution to the conversation arising from an article in The Tyee by Will McMartin: ……….. Well done, Will! Another strong empirical analysis, in a manner almost non-existent in the “A” section of our corporate newspapers. While giving up on appeals to the business sector might appear reasonable […]