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Windows 8 can be fixed (and made better than Windows 7) for a mere $10

In an earlier post, I discussed my initial skepticism regarding Windows 8, but I decided to reserve judgment until I had a reasonable amount of time to play with the much-maligned new operating system. So, after five months, I’ve come to this general conclusion: the “under the hood” changes are excellent, but the default user […]


Embracing Windows 8… Somewhat

The inner geek in me couldn’t resist. For $40, I had to try the upgrade of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, on my desktop computer. I’m not unhappy with Windows 7 – it’s a very solid OS – but I wanted to try something new, and see for myself what has become a virtual […]


Create a WordPress Entry with Word 2010

If you’re not a fan of the online text-entry tool provided by WordPress, and you want to create your blog entry locally with a rich text editor, then Microsoft Office’s Word 2010 is an excellent option. Word 2010 offers a blogging tool with most of the same functions as Word’s standard text editor, and it […]