A Few Tweets with Baldrey

Twitter is an interesting technology that I’ve just started to use in the last four months (@grapemanca). So far, it has been a wonderful way to save, share and collect valuable links to fast-breaking stories. Not so useful is its capacity for discussion. Trying to follow a conversation between two other people is very difficult, since you often miss certain tweets in the middle of the debate, and it’s not always clear who is saying what.

Nevertheless, you can occasionally catch the eye of the mucky-mucks in media and government. Below is a brief exchange I had with Keith Baldrey, a well-know B.C. media pundit. This first set starts from the bottom:

[Click on the images for a larger view.]








I wrote the fifth and final tweet below, but did not hear back from Mr. Baldrey.




I think I showed restraint. What do you think?

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